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Outside Non surgical hair replacement shop


Non Surgical Hair Replacement is located on Orange Street.

Near 7-Eleven & The Links Shopping Centre, Oakleigh South off Warrigal Road.


The perfect community for a family barbershop

Nestled in the heart of Bentleigh East, we at Silk Barbers pride ourselves in having a fantastic team that offers incredible treatments and unbeatable customer service at rates we can stand behind. We’ve been a mainstay for those who value top-notch services at affordable prices since 2016.


What started off as a small barber shop has grown significantly in both size and reputation. We are located in Bentleigh East for good reason, but first let us tell you more about Bentleigh East.

Originally called East Brighton, Bentleigh got its name in 1908 after Victorian Premier Sir Thomas Bent. East Brighton was occupied by stock runs until the early 1850s, when the growing metropolitan population led to market gardens being established.

Bentleigh and Bentleigh East are connected by Centre Road. Civic centres aren't readily apparent, but Bentleigh's probably at Centre/Jasper Roads where the Methodist Chapel used to be, and the memorial gardens and recreation reserve are at Jasper Road.

Bentleigh East's civic centre is probably at Centre/East Boundary Roads with shops and the hotel. Over two thirds of Bentleigh East is east of the hotel.

On the southern edge of Bentleigh you'll find Patterson railway station and a neighbourhood shopping area. There's a Spanish-Mission style clubhouse at the Yarra Yarra Golf Club (1929) in Warrigal Road, Bentleigh East.

Centre Road shops have remained one of Melbourne's strongest retail strips.

The street layout in Bentleigh and Bentleigh East consists of grids, which require traffic-calming devices in some streets to maintain residential amenity. There are plenty of reserves and sports ovals, but they're not overly plentiful. The Moorabbin Community Hospital (1975, now Monash Medical Centre) is just east of the Bentleigh East shops in Centre Road. There aren't any other significant shopping areas in Bentleigh East despite its size.

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