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Thrown into the world of hairdressing at a young age, Éric Famechon created Complément’Hair in 1995 with the ambition of making it one of the world leaders in hair replacement. Thanks to its know-how and technical expertise, the company has continued to evolve to offer hairdressing professionals ever more efficient and innovative products. Each model of hair is meticulously crafted and the hair is carefully selected to provide optimal customer satisfaction. In Lace, Skeen or hybrid, our models all benefit from the most advanced technology in the hair replacement industry. Hairskeen offers the guarantee of a wide choice of models and colors with unique and personalized pieces, with an completely natural look.




With an undetectable front line "Fashion Hairline", our skeen models offer ultra- natural results. Extremely fine, they provide a "second skin" effect to the customer. Composed of 3 layers of over lapping copolymer, this high-tech membrane guarantees better holding and durability of the hair.


Our skeen models offer different densities allowing better integration with the hair. They blend perfectly with the remaining hair of the customer.

  • NATURAL LOOKING FRONT HAIR LINE « Fashion hairline » for a perfect natural look

  • ZIG-ZAG VENTILATION for better integration into the hair and optimum styling

  • MEMBRANE in stretcheable copolymer micro ventilate



Our Sonic Lace models are made of a polyamide base welded to the mesh. The versatile knot used during the ventilation of the hair makes variable hair style possible. Flexible and transparent, the sonic lace models are also characterized by their great lightness and the extreme comfort they provide to the customer.


Our lace models have two different densities to fit our customers best. The Cayenne offers a slightly higher density than the Cayman, they both provide the right amount of hair for people looking for perfect integration.

  • SONIC LACE Polyamide frame thermo-welded ultra resistant

  • VERSATILE INVISIBLE KNOTS Allows all type of hair style. Hand made ventilation of the hair.

  • NATURAL FRONT HAIRLINE « Fashion hairline » For a very natural look.



The Bonneville is perfect for our active and self-care customers. Thanks to its front hair line called «Fashion Hairline», it is perfectly undetectable. The system is designed with a thick Skeen on the back perimeter allowing a better adhesion to the scalp and a Sonic Lace on the front and on the top of the head has a double advantage: it allows different hair styles while simplifying the maintenance of the system.

The Truxton is ideally suited for customers who are not yet familiar with the use of a Hairskeen. Like the Bonneville, its front line called «Fashion Hairline» makes it invisible. Its structure is made of double layered lace to reinforce the hold of the hair, increase the durability of the system and increase the versatility of the hair.

  • SONIC LACE Single layered, Sonic Lace. Extra thin, transparent and thermo welded. Flexible and durable so it doesn’t shred.

  • DOUBLE LAYERED SONIC LACE Ideal for tape bonding techniques. For an easy, practical and very discrete bonding

  • STRUCTURE 2mm thin lines of PU all around to simplify the cut in and maintain the structure of the system.

Our Hybrid systems combine the light-weight and security of the membrane attachment with the transparency and versatility of the lace.

Ask for Jaymz the Barber to get you all sorted at Non Surgical hair Replacement.

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